GMP Update

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GMP Update

- EU GMP Part 1, Annex 1. Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products (August 2022)

- Investigating OOS Test Results for Pharmaceutical Production: Guidance for Industry (May 2022)

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Technology Follow-up

- 출하관리

- 조사와 CAPA

- PIC/S GMP Guide(PE 009-16)의 개정 내용

- Project URS 작성 요령

- 데이터 완전성 문답 해설

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Hot Question & Cool Answers

- sureGMP Q&A Forum


- Airlock Q&A

- HEPA filter Q&A

- Endotoxin Q&A

- What are the differences?
Directive, Regulation / Obsolete, Outdated / Drug, Drug Product / Wash, Clean

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